Asylum Seekers & HC2 Certificates

Asylum seekers who are waiting for their claims to be processed should hold an HC2 certificate for exemption from NHS fees.  If a patient presents at a pharmacy without their HC2 certificate, the pharmacy can:

  • ask the individual to check online to see if their HC2 has been approved, and they are just waiting for the paper copy;
  • proceed with issuing a free prescription by selecting ‘HC2 certificate’ and checking the ‘evidence not seen’ box at the bottom of the prescription form, making clear that the individual may be investigated and penalised if they make a false declaration about their HC2 status;
  • ask the individual to pay for the prescription upfront and supply a FP57 Refund Form on the spot (this cannot be requested or completed afterwards).  After receiving the HC2 certificate, the individual can use the FP57 Refund Form to get refunds up to 3 months after the treatment date.