CPAF Visits

Following recent CPAF visits, we have summarised some of the feedback which contractors may find useful.

Main Reasons for a CPAF Visit

  • Data Security & Protection Toolkit not returned
  • Initial CPAF screening questions not returned
  • Workforce survey not completed
  • GPhC visit

Preparing for a CPAF Visit – ensure you have the following clear, complete and available:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – signed SOPs for the following (showing the date of the last and next review):

  • Dispensing
  • Repeat dispensing
  • DMS (plus details of the number of referrals received and how soon are they actioned)
  • Support for self care
  • Whistle blowing policy (ensure staff have contact details)
  • Safeguarding (ensure staff are aware of the process)

Staff Information 

  • Roles
  • Qualifications
  • Induction programs for employed staff and Locum staff
  • CPD
  • Staff references on employment (including locums)

Premises Information/Facilities 

  • Patient returns
  • Prescription cost displayed
  • Opening hours
  • Clearly defined dispensary vs OTC
  • Fridge
  • CD cabinet
  • Record Keeping
  • Interventions
  • Referrals to GP
  • Refusal of prescriptions
  • Self care
  • Near miss log (how do you share findings of the near miss log i.e. communicating this to staff)


  • Complaints procedure (ensure up to date ICB contact details available)
  • Annual complaints report (ensure submitted)
  • Safety alerts
  • NHS mail (ensure at least 2 people have access and checked several times a day)
  • NHS profile (ensure up to date and must be checked every quarter)