Anticoagulation Stewardship Series: Session 2

17th November 2021 19.15-20.45


Session 2: ‘The New Medicines Service (NMS) – Connecting All the Pharmacy Sectors’

What will you learn from this meeting? An understanding of how NMS impacts all pharmacy sectors in order to deliver
high-quality care for all patients through optimal communication around safety, dosing, compliance and adherence.

These events are sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb/Pfizer

19:15 – 19:30 Joining & Registration
19:30 – 19:35 Welcome, Introduction & Learnings – Mr Raj R Patel, Pharmacist/Director of Operations, Consortium.Media
19.40 – 19:45 Integrating Care – What Is the Role of The Pharmacist in NMS? – Miss Alison Freemantle, Professional Services Development Manager, Community Pharmacy South Central
19:45 – 19:50 Optimal Anticoagulation – Pharmacists Collaborating to Get It Right for NMS Patients – Mr Raj R Patel, Pharmacist/Director of Operations
19:50 – 20:00 Evolving the New Medicines Service – Quality Patient Choice & Care – Dr Richard Brown, Chief Officer, Avon LPC
20:00 – 20:30 A Case Study: Improving the Patient Journey Through NMS – Dr Michael Jackson, Lead Cardiovascular Pharmacist/Deputy Lead Clinical Services
Pharmacist, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
20:30 – 20:40 Panel Q&A Session – All
20:40 – 20:45 Key Take Home Messages/ What’s Next in This Pharmacist Meeting Series? – Mr Raj R Patel, Pharmacist/Director of Operations
20:45 Meeting close

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