Community Pharmacy Technician: Advancing your role programme

7th February 2024 12.30-13.00


If you have a Pharmacy Technician in your pharmacy and you are you looking for a supportive programme to develop their role in community pharmacy, please read on.

As you know, the landscape in community pharmacy is changing. Community pharmacy is delivering an increasingly extended range of clinical services and this will only continue. As services develop, roles will change, and the skill mix of the team will need to be used more effectively.

CPPE is offering the “Community Pharmacy Technician: Advancing your role” programme which is open to community pharmacy technicians. This is a fully funded course that helps community pharmacy technicians develop the skills and confidence to deliver effective clinical services in community pharmacy.

For Pharmacy Technicians:

Developing clinical skills is a fantastic opportunity for you as a pharmacy technician. It’s a way for you to create opportunities for your career and be ready for the future of community pharmacy. You can…

  • Increase your clinical knowledge and clinical assessment skills
  • Network with fellow pharmacy technicians who are at a similar point in their professional development
  • Improve your confidence in being able to support people using your services and maximise the business potential of your workplace.
  • Talk with an education supervisor to understand your individual needs so you can work through the programme at your own pace to meet your own needs.

 If you want to know more about the programme, please click on one of the links below to register for the information session. (You only need to attend one session.)

Please do let your pharmacy technician know about these information sessions. These information sessions are for pharmacy contractors and community pharmacy technicians.