Patient Services Training

8th September 2022 9.15-12.15


The NHSE&I-funded primary care H&W pilot is offering the following training, suitable for all new and experienced staff in wider primary care who have a service user/patient-facing role.


  • To re-energise staff working in a demanding and challenging environment
  • To focus on what creates a positive response in patients
  • To support service user/patient-facing staff in developing effective communication and service skills
  • To enhance skills for defusing situations with dissatisfied service user/patients
  • To benefit from sharing good practice with other staff


  • Moments of impact when interacting with others
  • Using our tone, verbal, and non-verbal communication to influence a positive response
  • Asking appropriate, well phrased questions and actively/empathically listening to service users/patients
  • Looking at how we can focus on what we can do rather than concentrating on what we can’t do
  • Dealing with the behaviours of ‘difficult’ and demanding service users/patients

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