Valproate: the hard conversations [CPPE Pilot]

18th July 2024 19.00-20.45


This is a new focal point workshop – as part of the quality assurances process at CPPE, a pilot is run with learners to gain valuable feedback before making the workshop available to the pharmacy workforce.

Aim of the workshop

The aim of this focal point is to develop your skills and confidence in using a person-centred approach to help manage the risks associated with valproate.

Learning Outcomes

After completing all aspects of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe your role in supporting people prescribed valproate
  • Initiate a conversation about the risks of valproate use in pregnancy and the need for effective contraception
  • Apply the principles of person-centred care and shared decision making in consultations with people prescribed valproate
  • Accurately document details of consultations in clinical records to improve continuity of care across the integrated care system
  • Create a signposting resource/portfolio to use in your practice


Patient’s taking valproate have told us that they want to have conversations with pharmacy professionals about valproate. We are often the most approachable and readily available point of contact for them. However, those same patients have told us that pharmacy professionals can be reluctant to engage with them. Valproate: the hard conversations will help you engage with patients taking valproate and will explore the following questions:

  • What is the role of pharmacy professionals in managing valproate risk?
  • What are the specific risks of taking valproate in pregnancy? Out of 100 babies exposed to valproate in pregnancy, how many of these will be born with a major birth defect or developmental disorder?
  • Can you convey this information to a patient and signpost them effectively using a person-centred approach to care?

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