Hypertension Case-Finding Service

*An on-demand version of the CPE’s Hypertension Case-Finding Service Webinar, held on 3rd January, is now available here, or to view the slides click here.

The updated Hypertension service allowing non-registered staff to take BP readings went live on 1st December 2023.  Please note, BP readings taken by non-registered staff should, for now, be recorded under the name and GPhC number of the responsible pharmacist.

Your Virtual Outcomes online resources now include a module covering the updated service specification. To access this and a range of other resources, enter your ODS code here.

We have been asked by the ICB to remind pharmacies delivering this service to ensure they are always carrying out an ABPM when indicated, and sending data to GP surgeries using NHS mail.

For the Service Specification and further details click here.

Pharmacies should also be aware that the NHSBSA have started undertaking post-payment reviews for this service, initially covering the period October to December 2022.  For more details click here.