CPPE Asthma Focal Point

1st July 2019 19.30-21.15

Holiday Inn (Peartree Roundabout), Oxford, OX2 8JD

Learn how to:

  • apply medicines optimisation principles in the context of asthma treatment
  • demonstrate how guidelines are used to provide optimum care for individual patients
  • examine whether a person’s asthma treatment is appropriate, recognising when treatment needs to be increased or decreased
  • implement a holistic approach to support people with asthma, considering all factors which influence their asthma control
  • enable people to self-manage their asthma with appropriate inhaler use and a personalised asthma action plan.

For more information contact: Sarah Hounsell, CPPE Tutor for Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Email: sarah.hounsell@cppe.ac.uk; or book online at: www.cppe.ac.uk