Controlled Drug Reporting Tool

To report any incidents/concerns relating to controlled drugs, go to:

To begin the process, all reporters of controlled drug concerns/incidents will need to register.  There is no limit to the number of individuals who can register in the same organisation.  There are easy-to-follow videos on the website to show you how to register, report incidents, and submit occurrences and declarations.  Please note that registration requires a professional registration number.

Note – NHS England/Improvement regional areas changed on 1st April. Thames Valley pharmacies are now located in the new South East area, and this area should be selected when reporting CD incidents or requesting to have a witness authorised for the destruction of CDs.

If registering on the site for the first time, select South East at the point of registering. If you have previously registered, your area will be set as South Central (which has now been de-activated) and you will need to change this to South East. You should also update your details and SOPs for contacting the Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer (CDAO) and team. The team and CDAO (Julie McCann) can be contacted via, noting that all general CD concerns, incidents and authorised witness requests should always be raised via For non-CD medicines safety issues, use